When you book an appointment with AWU, you will receive a scheduling confirmation text and/or email with the appointment details including the date and time of arrival. Then two days prior to the appointment you will receive a text and/ or email reminder with the name and pic of the lead technician assigned to your job. The crew will arrive at your location and park our vehicle in the street, unless circumstances do not allow. The lead tech will then ring your doorbell to alert you of his arrival and answer any questions. The crew will then begin the process of adding value to your property. Upon completion of the job, the lead tech will invite you to do a walk around of the property. This will allow the lead tech to discuss details of the job and also to alert you of any other areas of concern. After we make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the completed work, then we will email the invoice. We accept cash, checks and debit/credit cards. If you prefer, you may pay online using a debit/credit card or mail a check to the address on the invoice form. Thank you!